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John Laesch - The Root Cause and a Solution to Ice Dams and Ice Cycles

Ice dams and ice cycles are a product of snow melting from a warm roof and then freezing when they get to the cold edge of the roof.

Snow melts from a roof more quickly when heat from inside the house escapes through the attic. This is wasteful and the home or business owner has to pay to heat the air throughout the day.

The solution is to properly insulate and air seal the attic space. Nicor and other sources have incentives to make these improvements easier to achieve.


Thank you Volunteers. -John Laesch

A thanks to all the volunteers who have helped with the campaign! You guys are what a grassroots campaign is all about.


Fireside Chat Episode 4: Homeless Population

Fireside Chat with John Laesch, Maria Jurado, and Amanda Goldman. They are discussing the homeless population in Aurora and what can be done to help house individuals and provide services.

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