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John's Thoughts and Writings


John Laesch - Oppose the Circle K Development Project

John talks to an Aurora resident who's well water will be contaminated by any petroleum spills or leaks from the proposed Circle K development at the corner of Farnsworth Ave. and Molitor Rd.


“The Cycle of Empowerment” with John Laesch, carpenter and activist running for mayor

This episode features mayoral challenger John Laesch, carpenter and activist on a mission to go green and create better jobs. There is discussions about people-powered campaigns, green new deal, job training, democracy, leadership and the cycle of poverty and empowerment.


What do we Tell our Youth?

As Mayor of Aurora John will work to address important issues affecting Aurora’s youth such as climate change, training programs for the green collar economy, crime prevention, youth services funding, and safe access to schools.


A Conversation with John Laesch, Candidate for Mayor, City of Aurora, IL

John has a conversation with the host of the Virtual American Townhall and CEO of the Center for Strategic Solutions Mohammed Faheem about his Mayoral campaign and what John plans to do to improve the City of Aurora as Mayor. In this conversation John discusses what some of his initiatives would be as Mayor and gives an overview of what he plans on doing in regards to things like TIF Districts which often operate at the expense of residents. John goes in detail on initiatives like crime prevention, environmental public works, and living wage jobs providing solutions that would go a long way in improving the city.


John Laesch - The Root Cause and a Solution to Ice Dams and Ice Cycles

Ice dams and ice cycles are a product of snow melting from a warm roof and then freezing when they get to the cold edge of the roof.

Snow melts from a roof more quickly when heat from inside the house escapes through the attic. This is wasteful and the home or business owner has to pay to heat the air throughout the day.

The solution is to properly insulate and air seal the attic space. Nicor and other sources have incentives to make these improvements easier to achieve.


Thank you Volunteers. -John Laesch

A thanks to all the volunteers who have helped with the campaign! You guys are what a grassroots campaign is all about.


Fireside Chat Episode 4: Homeless Population

Fireside Chat with John Laesch, Maria Jurado, and Amanda Goldman. They are discussing the homeless population in Aurora and what can be done to help house individuals and provide services.


I Have a Secret...

Many carry the same secret, they once voted for Richard Irvin but are now switching to John Laesch. John wants to fix the crime problems, end the pay to win system, be more inclusive and transparent, diversify and grow a unified city of Aurora IL.


John Laesch Denounces Rise In Crime - Aurora, Illinois

Aurora Mayoral Candidate Denounces Rise in Crime

Aurora has seen an uptick in violent crime in January that includes shootings and carjackings that have left several residents dead and seriously injured. Aurora Mayoral candidate, John Laesch released a video statement about the elevated crime rates and pledged to address the root causes of rising crime by focusing on proven crime prevention methods. In the video release Laesch talks about living wage job creation, adequately funding youth services, and rebuilding trust between community and police.

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