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Why I am running...

I am running for the office of Alderman-at-Large because I am tired of seeing wealthy campaign donors drive the agenda in city hall while the concerns of Aurora taxpayers are ignored. I decided to run when the council voted to use $68M of taxpayer money to subsidize the Aurora Casino's move. We need leaders who will ask tough questions and not rubber-stamp bad policy or development agreements that benefit the uber wealthy.  I will not be bought and paid for. I am not taking campaign donations from people who do business with the City of Aurora or corporate PACs.  I believe that we need to work towards modernizing Aurora by having publicly-owned high speed broadband, capitalizing on renewable energy credits, attracting better-paying, living wage jobs, and working towards a more representative government.

Exercise your right to vote!

Election is April 4, 2023

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We don't take money from corporate PAC's or the wealthy developers... 
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